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National Essay Competition

The main objective of this proposed National essay Competition entitled "Decline of Buddhism in India and its Revival" is to bring the students, research scholars and Buddhist activists together on a same platform to discuss the factors.

Forever Inspiring

Sangh Mata - Dr Mukti Bhatnagar




Remembering Dr Mukti Bhatnagar - Founder, Subharti Group

she was conferred with the title of ‘Sanghmata’

at ‘Myanmar’ by the Secretary-General of The Supreme Sangha Council of Myanmar His Holiness Sandhimar Abhimanasa In 2018, on 7th July


Born in Allahabad (Prayagraj)

January 16th, 1957

Dr Mukti was someone who was not just the best doctor, could diagnose a patient by just taking a look, could design a saree out of just a yarn of cloth, could make a masterpiece artwork overnight with a single brush, who could simply stand on any song, dance on any beat, sing like a nightingale and mesmerise the entire audience. Who could debate on any topic, who could silence a crowd of rowdy students with her sense of humour and silence a crying child by taking him in her lap for simply two minutes.

She was a palmist, an astrologer, a vastu-shastra specialist, a horticulturist- this sprawling campus of Subharti, which is much talked about, has been planned and planted by her inch by inch. She knew by name, by sight, by area, the tree, the bushes, the shrubs, which have been planted where.

A Very Strong Believer Of God, Who Believed In The Positivity, The Power Of Praying, Of Giving, And Of Being A Good-human Being.

Her Life


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