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Rashmi Mishra
Jun 20, 2021
In Share Your Memory
I write this with such a heavy heart, that you're not among us any more. You've been our biggest support and strength. With you around, I always knew in my heart, that whatever happens, you'll always be there for us, and that's because you've made me believe in this with all your love and care. I still can't accept the void that your absence has created. Dr. Mukti ma'am, you weren't just a support when things went wrong but the biggest cheerer when it came to lifting up the spirits. All your words of appreciation, your blessings, your love will stay with me forever. Thank you for being such an incredible part of my life and for showering all your love and blessings in abundance and I know wherever you are, you will still continue to do it. You may not be with us today, but your presence will always be there in our hearts. We miss you, Now and Always.🙏🏻😔
विनम्र श्रधांजलि - डॉ. मुक्ति भटनागर मैडम, founder, Subharti Group of Institutions.
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Rashmi Mishra

Rashmi Mishra

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