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Simran Mishra
Jun 20, 2021
In Share Your Memory
The lady with the vision of the future, The lady who lived her life on her terms, The one who got stronger and stood up after every fall, The one who taught us, stumble but stand up back and tall.. She wasn't just an extraordinary medical practitioner, She was also an academician with excellence at par, She was a woman, with principles, and great experiences to impart. She mesmerised everyone with her presence, Her aura was so pure, She left everyone in awe, With each word she ever spoke. She'll be remembered, In all the life lessons, she ever gave, In all the songs, she ever sung, In all the paintings, she ever made, In all the love, she ever shared. Her smile was made of sunshine And her heart was solid gold, Her eyes were bright as shining stars, She may have gone to a place afar, But, we know, In her, we had a great mother, Remember this, because, That's the way it will always be, She is still keeping an eye on all of us, so let's make sure, She loves what she sees. She left her imprint on every life she ever touched, Every eye got teary with the void she created in all these hearts. It's sad but comforting to silently recall, your smile and that beautiful face so loved by one and all. This one's to let you know, that, although you are at rest, you'll live forever in the hearts of those who loved you the best.. -DR. SIMRAN MISHRA (You'll always be in our hearts and prayers ❤️)
In loving memory of Dr. Mukti Bhatnagar Ma'am 🙏🏻

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Simran Mishra

Simran Mishra

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